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We are a boutique private aviation charter company focused on service, outsourcing the safest and most luxurious aircraft in the world.
We will find and obtain the best aircraft available for your travel on a mission by mission basis. Our primary focus is quality and a great experience (provided by a hammock expert) for you and your guests. We use a select group of operators that follow a strict safety guideline and have superb aircraft.


With years of experience in the jet business, our core belief is that private travel is a luxury to be indulged. It is an opportunity to enjoy the ease of a private airport and the access of a personal jet. From years in the broker business and working for one of the largest operators in the industry our extensive knowledge and industry expertise ensure an excellent travel experience.


Please visit our Jet Insider Section, we give some great information on private air charter as it relates to: Using Our ServicesThe Efficiency of Private Air CharterSupply & Demand Cycles of the Jet Charter Market, Charter a Jet One-Way and Fuel Surcharges in Private  Charter.

In depth discussion on chartering different types of aircraft: Very Light, Light,  Mid,  Super Mid and  Heavy Jets .

Great tips on how to maximize your trip:  Utilizing Different Airports, Transportation Needs and  Catering Choices.

Pointers on travel: Flying to the Islands,  Planning for the Holidays and Jetting to the Mountains.

For information about our specials please visit our One-Ways section. You can contact us directly 1-213-415-1974 or send us an email [email protected] 

mission by mission

Every trip, every flight requires a sense of care and details. Maybe you prefer a Citation X to Los Angeles or a GIV for the flight to London. Perfection Air Charter offers a consultative approach to flying private based on many dynamics that include: safety, price, performance, weather, passenger count, time in route and there is always more…

Light jets

Light jets are great for regional travel less than two hours. Depending upon the weather, winds and climate you may feel turbulence. For groups of less than 5 adults and less than 2 hours of travel time, a light jet is a good fit. At times you may feel turbulence. Most light jets do not have a large luggage capacity.

Hawker 400/XP, Lear 31/ 35, Citation CJ2 Bravo/Ultra, Encore

Super midsize jets

Speed and distance often define the Super midsize jet but space does as well. This is a great fit for up to 8 people with luggage and there is some room to walk in the cabin. There are different companies we utilize that offer one way pricing to and from major cities in the U.S.

Citation X/ Sovereign, Challenger 300, Gulfstream 200, Hawker 900XP

Midsize jets

You can travel cross country in a midsize with a stop in Kansas or Nebraska. The comfortable capacity is 6 adults. The recommendation on a midsize will be to always have an enclosed lavatory.

Citation Excel, Hawker 800/XP, Lear 55/60/XR

Heavy jets

The large cabin is the preferred way to fly for many people. While not ideal for regional or a trip for less than 3 hours for cross country and international flying it is a must.

Falcon 900/ 2000, Legacy 600/650 Gulfstream IV, V, 550 Global Express